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The attorneys at Olson Law Group, APC have significant experience handling complex legal claims and disputes arising in the trucking and transportation industries. Our knowledge base and skill set engender a great deal of trust from our trucking clients, as well as private common carriers of passengers on buses and shuttles, in the handling of all aspects of litigation in a diverse range of claims and lawsuits. Our attorneys successfully defend our commercial clients against wrongful death and other personal injury actions arising from collisions involving multiple vehicles.

Collisions involving commercial trucks span a wide spectrum of severity, from minor property damage claims to catastrophic injuries involving several vehicles and multiple injured occupants.  Thus, at Olson Law Group, APC, we understand and appreciate the need for immediate and decisive action, even where such action must take place on the very date a collision occurs and at the scene of a collision.  Through a wide network of investigators and expert witnesses, at a moment’s notice, we have the ability to put boots on the ground at a collision location to immediately gather and preserve vital evidence in order to analyze liability and evidentiary issues at the very outset of an incident.

Our Firm’s file handling protocols in high exposure cases, as with any case our attorneys handle, are engineered to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and address all issues expeditiously, with the goal of quickly, and reasonably resolving claims and/or litigating them through trial.

At Olson Law Group, APC, we understand that multiple insurance companies are typically involved to insure the driver, the truck, the trailer and the cargo. As a result, there can be a complex web  of duties to defend and indemnify. We quickly identify any coverage issues through our expertise with various liability policies within the industry, the applicable State and Federal laws, and our experience handling numerous such claims over the years.

In addition to our attorneys’ memberships with local bar associations, we are also members of the Transportation Lawyers Association, which gives us access to additional resources with which to provide our clients with the most up-to-date litigation strategies and services available within the trucking and transportation industry.