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At Olson Law Group, APC, we have considerable experience defending property owners and managers against habitability lawsuits filed by tenants in single and multi-unit properties. These lawsuits often arise from allegations of leaking roofs, broken windows, inadequate heating, sanitation issues, pests, lead, mold and asbestos.  Our Firm is acutely aware that the modus operandi for most plaintiff lawyers is to gather as many potential plaintiffs within a single residential complex, sometimes hundreds at a time, in order to file complex civil litigation lawsuits seeking outrageous damages as well as the recovery of attorneys’ fees at exorbitant rates.

For our clients, such litigation tactics can prove daunting and can have an effect on the day-to-day operations of building management, which is why we are committed to providing detailed case and evidence analysis from the initial stages of litigation.  Our skilled use of current  technology, coupled with decades of experience in sifting through copious amounts of public and private records, allow us to develop detailed charts, summaries, matrices, and analyses needed to provide our clients and their liability insurers with easy access to vast quantities of vital information.  Our Firm’s practices and procedures, coupled with litigation savvy, are the foundation of our successful track record in defending against such claims.