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At Olson Law Group, APC, we provide comprehensive litigation services to leading automobile liability insurers and their insureds in a wide variety of first and third-party claims. Our services cover every aspect of claims from inception through final adjudication.  For insurers dealing with first party claims, our extensive knowledge of coverage issues, the Insurance Code, the Code of Regulations, and tort law enables us to provide a wide range of support, guidance, and legal services ranging from responding to policy limits demands through litigation of uninsured/underinsured motorist claims to final arbitration.  We regularly work to ensure that all first party cases are handled efficiently, expeditiously, and in compliance with prevailing law to achieve a resolution of claims via negotiated settlements or successful arbitration. Our approach to cost-effective and focused litigation has produced great success in settling claims and obtaining favorable arbitration awards.

At Olson Law Group, APC, we recognize that for all third-party lawsuits, our duty is to diligently advocate on behalf of the insured, our client.  We find that the easiest path to achieving this goal is through continuous communication with claims professionals and our clients, early and robust evaluations of all issues presented in the case, development of a focused litigation plan, and execution of that plan at a rapid pace.  Through focused discovery and investigation, including the use of appropriate experts in various fields, we quickly and efficiently build a well-rounded defense to any litigated issue that allows us to more easily posture cases for early resolution.  Our regular communication with claims professionals and our clients allows us to resolve cases quickly, thereby bringing peace to our clients, for whom litigation is never an easy process.  In those instances when cases must proceed to trial, our experienced trial attorneys are skilled at all aspects of civil jury trials to ensure any and all advantages in trial inure to the benefit of our clients.

We are also sensitive to the cost of litigation, both monetarily and emotionally.  Our goal, with any case, is to minimize costs and to execute a streamlined litigation plan.  This begins immediately at the inception of any matter with client meetings to obtain necessary information and respond to any fears and/or concerns our clients may have about the process.  We immediately analyze all available facts and evidence in order to develop a litigation roadmap.  At every turn, we regularly evaluate the evidence to provide settlement recommendations and end-game litigation strategies.  Where settlement is ultimately not possible, we provide our clients with clear guidance on the anticipated cost of litigation, the positive and negative aspects of various defense strategies, and the potential outcomes of trial.  Our goal, at all times, is to provide our clients with all the information necessary for them to comfortably make informed decisions.

We treat all cases, from the smallest property damage subrogation defense matter to harrowing catastrophic injury and/or wrongful death claims, as important and significant. No matter the facts alleged, the claims made, or the damages sought, at Olson Law Group, APC, we are highly experienced and well-equipped to provide excellent service to our clients through all stages of any case.