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At Olson Law Group, APC, we represent individuals, businesses, non-profits and public entities in a wide range of general liability claims, including but not limited to negligence, premises liability, gross negligence, strict liability, intentional tort, personal injury, property damage, libel and slander claims.  In every case, our first steps toward success involve meaningful and informative communication with our client(s) and insurance professionals with the goal of collectively developing cost-effective strategies and legal theories specifically designed to effectuate favorable results. Once a plan is in place, we investigate claims, theories, and defenses thoroughly with the sole goal of expeditiously extricating our clients from frivolous and/or unfounded lawsuits. 

Not all cases are subject to early dismissal, however, and in those cases for which protracted litigation is necessary, we work tirelessly to develop the evidence needed to ensure tactical settlement negotiations for the purposes of prompt resolution, or to uncover the support necessary for dispositive motions (such as summary judgment/adjudication motions) and preparation for trial. 

Our Firm’s attorneys are equipped with exceptional legal research, persuasive writing, and oratory skills, all of which provide us with the tools necessary to effectively represent our clients before Judge and Jury, such that we communicate our clients’ viewpoints and defenses with passion, persuasion, reason, and logic.  Our focus, at all times, is to provide ultimate triers-of-fact with a reason, if not many, to decide in favor of our clients when a favorable decision matters most.