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Our attorneys are well-versed in every type of premises liability claim made against individual property owners and a variety of business types, including shopping centers, schools, gyms, restaurants, night clubs, retail stores, shopping malls, apartment buildings, parking lots, stables, and other commercial properties. We regularly defend our clients, both corporate and individuals, from injury claims arising from slip and falls, dog bites, negligent security, falling objects, drowning, electrocution, and other such claims.

More often than not, time is of the essence with premises liability claims.  Therefore, at Olson Law Group, APC, we quickly and thoroughly investigate each claim, interview witnesses and consult experts where necessary to render immediate liability determinations and evaluate the value of such claims quickly so as to minimize any potential damage to our clients’ branding within the community. Simultaneously, we diligently work on developing a strong defense to all legal claims against our clients.  With premises liability claims, it is often the case that a good defense is a strong offense.  Therefore, our roadmap to success involves quick and decisive action geared toward bringing the other side to the negotiating table while arming our attorneys and clients with the facts, witnesses, and evidence needed to enable a meaningful mediation process and a reasonable resolution for our clients.

We recognize and are mindful of the fact that every client has unique concerns relative to how such claims affect day-to-day business operations as well as the company’s reputation in the community.  Therefore, we work closely with our clients to reach the best possible resolution while remaining sensitive to client desires.