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Case Dismissed After Multiple Demurrers, OLG Prevails on Appeal


The Los Angeles Superior Court and the Second District Court of Appeal find in favor of OLG’s client and against plaintiff in her lawsuit alleging breach of contract, breach of the implied promise of good faith and fair dealing, breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, fraud, extortion, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and theft among other causes of action after she was evicted from her apartment. The trial court dismissed the case after four rounds of demurrers. Plaintiff then appealed.

The Second District agreed with OLG’s briefing and argument that plaintiff either failed to state a cause of action or her claims were barred, affirming the trial court judgment and awarding costs to OLG’s client.

Jinny Ahn Cain wrote the winning demurrers and Joel Witzman wrote the appellate brief and successfully argued it to the appellate court.